Once I started researching on diabetes one thing I realized is that there are so many cures! Most of them of focused on natural remedy and cure. For me the idea is to prevent rather try to cure. That is why I was focused so much on exercise and diets. This is are the two means of control any illness. Food is the first one – “garbage in and garbage out”. Any hydrogenated, gluten and corn syrup rich food makes you sick for sure, if you keep eating the same thing. Unfortunately we are where we are. Our lives are so messed up. Just to make the ends meat we completely forget what we are and how our bodies will react to what we eat. 80% of us hardly exercise in the prime age. Specially in our 30’s to 50’s.

One fine day we woke up from bed and we realized we are 58. We have knee pains, so we can’t run. We are over weight we can’t walk fast. And the list goes on! But if you realized this was not happened in one night. We got to change how we eat and exercise in order for us to be more energetic and live life to the full extent.

Even you are 60 years old think about how fortunate you are that you have two legs and those are working. This about how many people who are just confined their life to wheelchair love to get up and walk.

Thank God [if you dont believe in God, Thank that power in the universe, which gave us this opportunity]! I can walk on my legs and I have 20/20 eye sight and I can speak clearly.

 I must enjoy the life to the full extent!

I think you should do the same. Commit to yourself NOW that you should live the life to the full extent with great health!

Here are some of the resources that I am trying to follow most of the time. This is for my convenience and now your too.

By bookmarking this page you would be able to get to the resources quickly.

Please Read: my affiliate disclaimer about some of the product listed on this page.

21 Days to Healthy Eating

I’m a food lover to be honest! With that though I exercise a lot I still have some extra pounds that I carry all the time. As I am approaching my 40 I thought I want to change all that and get into shape. May a midlife crises came a decade early for me.  This is mostly because I have a family history of Diabetes and Hypertension, I am gasping for breath when I run behind my 2 year old. He will keep smiling and saying “Daddy, can we try that again! ” after running over 10 rounds around my house!

This is where my wife suggested me the 21 Days to Healthy Eating, I think this is a great resource for me as I started liking. This is my 7th week on this kind of diet. It worked for me so far dropped 10Lb and stayed at there for past few weeks.

If you strongly believe in healthy eating, try the 21 Days to Healthy Eating and let me know how do you like it.

The Cruise Control Diet

This is the best diet so far I have discovered over the net. The few good things about this diet is just adjust what you are eating to control the sugars that you are giving it to the body. All it suggests is to go natural and give the body what and when it needs.  So that the insulin won’t get wasted. The way you eat will make you feel great or worst! You know that already. For example BK’s burger vs. semi cooked veggies!

Listen to the audio  explaining the diet.  I am impressed with the program and I am confident that you will be impressed too!

Reverse Diabetes

My idea is not to reverse but to prevent! So I am searching for the information on this area and most of the solutions focused on curing or reversing diabetes. However if your intention are good and pure you will find your way. That what happened to me with this information source.  I was able to find some good information on how to prevent and stay at normal levels of glucose all the time with this reverse diabetes. Looks like the scientifically proven method that discussed in this resource will provide you ways to produce extra insulin. This will help you keep your blood glucose to the level you need.

The Solution for Diabetes

This is a electronic Book (eBook) where you would be able to download immediately and start working to treat diabetes. The reviews are great and the best part why I think this one works is  due the herbs it suggest to use are those which helps treat diabetes including cinnamon and garlic.

Those are just two examples. There are tons of tricks like these that help control blood sugar naturally and I could go on and on about them all day, but this letter is already getting far too long.

So if you are interested in natural medicine, like I do, try the solution for diabetes book. If you go through this link you will get 3 bonus material as well.

The 11 Forgotten Laws

I am a big fan of science fiction!  All along my childhood I have a dream to become a scientist. In the path that I walked, somewhere I lost my dream. And when ever I find time what would think of where and how I lost my dream. Is there any way to get back. I used to feel so frustrated every Sunday that I wasted another week! I went and got my 2nd Masters and enrolled into PhD. That did not satisfy my hunger. That is when I attracted some of the Gurus into my life. There are several resources that help me realize my true issue for the problem and one of them is  the “The Forgotten Laws” eBook. I liked the book so much and eventually I bought the online course as well. This law of attraction truly worked for me and may work for you too!

You can try the risk free online course of The 11 forgotten Laws

Leanness Lifestyle

Leanness Lifestyle was launched from inception with a science-based educational framework. Having worked directly with clients since 1986, David had already realized that “calories in calories out” weight loss models didn’t work. So far I heard only good things about them. This is one of the crossfit kind of an exercise to lose weight!

They only take students once in every 6 months. I am lined up for this July 2015 training. I am truly impressed by the results it is achieving and I really want to lose some fat between my chest and lower abdomen :P. Yes, you know want I mean. I saw few people lost 75Lb, even 85 Lb and stayed that way for past 7 to 17 years. Amazing program.

I tried P90X – beach body work very rigorously but it did not help me. I get in shape and then I build the fat and love handles again and again. I know some of them were able build great bodies. But most of them gave up too soon!

I believe that the Leanness Lifestyle University had this covered and they will have a 6 months program to cultivate the habit and make more out of their program.

Give it a try for Leanness Lifestyle University and reserve your seat now!

Exercises for Diabetes

This exercise program can help you:

  • Increased circulation to the extremities
  • No More Pins & Needles Pain!
  • Lose Body Fat! Obese No More!

Also explains in detail about

  • How to get and stay motivated. This is very important especially in the first three weeks of starting the program.
  • What’s the best place to give yourself an insulin shot before you start exercising. It does make a difference.
  • What is a MET value and how you can use it to find out the best exercises for you?
  • How to calculate your target heart rate and why you need to do this
  • How to avoid injuries. When you start an exercise program there are certain rules you should follow to prevent injuries.

I added the Exercise for Diabetes to my list because it has lot of good stuff other than just focusing on Diabetes. This is good for preventing diabetes as well. Hence you are a diabetic or not you will get advantage with this great program.

News & Info Sites

BlueHeronHealthNews – Great wealth of information about health and fitness.

American Diabetes institute – Lot of information available here on diabetes.

American Institute of Cancer Research – Link between cancer and diabetes article.

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