The very common over the counter medication can take up diabetes fight in near future and improve your body’s insulin production and release!

According to the WHO Type 2 diabetes affects about 350 million people globally. A handful of them belong to my family though!

The Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by elevated levels of blood sugar, or glucose, which cells use for fuel. Insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas, ferries glucose out of the blood and into the cells. But in people with Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas either does not produce enough insulin, or cells no longer respond properly to the hormone.

According to a research study conducted by NATURE MEDICINE the common cough drug called Dextromethorphan often labeled as DM on the cold medicine can improve the condition by increasing the insulin production in the body.

Here is the abstract of the study from Nature Medicine ( the article is published in there March 15 Journal)

“In vitro treatment with LTB4 directly enhanced macrophage chemotaxis, stimulated inflammatory pathways, reduced insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in L6 myocytes, and impaired insulin-mediated suppression of hepatic glucose output in primary mouse hepatocytes. This was accompanied by lower insulin-stimulated Akt phosphorylation and higher Irs-1/2 serine phosphorylation, and all of these events were dependent on Gαi and Jnk1, two downstream mediators of Ltb4r1 signaling. These observations elucidate a novel role of the LTB4–Ltb4r1 signaling pathway in hepatocyte and myocyte insulin resistance, and they show that in vivo inhibition of Ltb4r1 leads to robust insulin-sensitizing effects.”

You can obtain the full article on Nature Medicine’s website.

However the researchers warn that people with diabetes shouldn’t begin to self-medicate with a dextromethorphan-based medicine. The human study, while promising in increasing serum insulin concentrations and lowering blood glucose, included only 20 participants.

This is a very welcoming result for most of us though we got to wait for few more months or year to see what we are going to get out of this study.

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