I believe that the high blood sugar can be regulated by controlling you intake, relieving stress by meditation, exercise and a good sleep. There is a lot of data and experts pointing all in these directions. This was confirmed by webmd article Eating to Control Diabetes and Blood Sugar – reviewed by Arefa Cassoobhoy, MD,… Read More

One evening in late April, I was driving back home from work. My wife called me and told me that she receive a frantic call from her mom, who lives in west coast, about her father wired behavior. We thought is it the usual reaction to his sleep deprivation or adjusting to the jetlag or… Read More

What this video about how you can break free from diabetes. Don’t buy the product with out watching this video. Get Your Copy Of Diabetes Free Cure For A Fraction Of It’s Original Cost!+ 4 FREE Bonuses so Harry Up! — Diabetes Free There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.There was… Read More

The last time I met my friends for dinner, Sang had looked so different that I could hardly recognize her. Although it’d been only less than two months since we had saw each other, she looked positively radiant and healthier than I’d ever seen her. We all thought she’d gotten pregnant, for goodness’ sake. She used… Read More

Anybody can get common foot problems. But for diabetic people the common foot problems can lead to infections and serious complication. You need to be watchful of such issues. Athletic Foot Athlete’s foot is a fungus it causes itching, redness, and cracking.  Germs can enter through the cracks of your skin and cause infections. There… Read More

It is important to know what is driving the blood glucose high before you try to lower blood sugar. Here are few reasons why you see high blood glucose. Heavy meal No enough physical activity Stress Illness Off on medication cycle Identifying the cause is very important before you start treating it. Injecting insulin is… Read More

Does the low sugar, low calories diet drinks really help us in any way? Especially does diet drinks helps diabetes? Researchers says no. It seems like lot of hype of low calories, low sugar and NO change or almost similar taste is the way the diet drinks get advertised. However the fact is that the… Read More

That is so true! Based on a report published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Nov 2014 there are 86 million adults (increased 7 Million from 2013) in the U.S. have prediabetes, around 90 percent don’t know it! People with pre-diabetes have blood sugar levels that are abnormally high, but not high… Read More

The very common over the counter medication can take up diabetes fight in near future and improve your body’s insulin production and release! According to the WHO Type 2 diabetes affects about 350 million people globally. A handful of them belong to my family though! The Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by elevated levels of… Read More

Recently I received an email from my friend stating that his wife is diagnosed with diabetic and need to take insulin injection. Immediately I am thought about how I can help her with some of the things I know. Of course I sent a product that helped someone I know with the same issue. But… Read More