I know meditation works in magical way but until I read an article in Transcendental Meditation(TM) Magazine yesterday I did not realize this can control Diabetes too!

It was very surprising but is is true. According to this story in TM magazine this was happened between 2007 and 2014.

Christine, a woman with Apache and Tewa ancestry who had spent a 20-year career working with Native American youth and families, stayed in touch with Karen, a guidance counselor and colleague back at the tribal school. She started emailing Karen research studies showing that teaching students TM dramatically increased attendance rates by 98 percent, graduation rates by 15 percent, and standardized test scores by 42 points.

According to research conducted on the “Quiet Time” program funded by the David Lynch Foundation, the meditating tribal students had 28 percent less absenteeism than non-meditating students. The meditating students’ scores on standardized tests moved from well below average to above average, while the control group’s scores stayed the same.

The elders in the tribes saw these positive changes in their youth and wanted to learn TM too. They found that TM helped them solve a completely different set of problems—those associated with the high rates of diabetes and heart disease that affect tribal populations. With regular practice of TM (40 minutes a day, 20 minutes each), their glucose levels fell, blood pressure fell, and other metabolic markers returned to normal. Amazingly TM helped to control diabetes. 

For example, Warner Earth of the Winnebago Tribe says that his blood glucose level would sometimes climb to over 500 mg/dL. Normal levels are between 70 and 120 mg/dL. After practicing TM for several months, his blood glucose levels dipped into the normal range. 

I am trying to share these details to impress up on you the best possible natural choice for you to reduce the medicine intake and improve your overall health – specially, can control your diabetes and blood pressure. There are other guided meditation and traditional practice which can control diabetes and other illnesses naturally.

If you like to learn TM to control diabetes and other diseases you can visit the tm.org for more information.

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