Exercise is highly recommended for people with Type II Diabetes. The 2008 Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for exercise suggests that a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise weekly, in addition to two to three days of strength training.

Exercises for Diabetes

Start Moving:

All  you got to do is just start moving! Some times starting an exercise routine a bit intimidating.  start slow and work up your way.

Focus on over all activity:

Rather just doing the exercise and sitting rest of the day. Try to move around most of the time. Find unorthodox ways of exercising, like a treadmill desk, or adjustable desk. Always walk with small weights like a heavy water bottle or a laptop.  This give a bit burnout for you with out you even noticing. I will always use the stairs up and down for all my meetings.  On an average I have 4 to 5 meetings a day in between 6 floors. Luckily I sit in 14 and I may end up going between 9th to 16th floors.

Try simple and quick workouts:

Again you can consider using stairs as a quick exercise. Or a quick push up if you can, or running behind your 3 years old kid/grand kid around the house for few rounds.  You don’t have any limit on this.

Count your steps:

This is the best thing it always works. If you have a group of people it is much better as you could count your steps and create a competition in your buddy group. All you need is a smart phone app or a pedometer or activity tracker.  This keeps you motivated. You can set goals, check the progress and upload them to your smart device/computer to compare stats over a period time.

Set specific goals:

I am combining two things here. Your goals should be specific. Also make sure that it is achievable. You should start small. By achieving one thing, even though it is small boosts your confidence!. Let’s say you start with 10 minutes everyday and increase that time to 30 minutes in 2 weeks time. No one is behind you and the same time you don’t want this to be a failure at the same time. So make sure setting your goals will always help you in the right direction.

Try to workout with a friend:

This might give a better mileage than working out individually! Working with a friend or a group will keep you motivated for a longer time than working alone. This can again lifts the spirits up by setting you group goals and try to achieve them as a group. If you don’t have a group join a class or two.


Reward Your self:

I always like to give away bonus! Don’t you feel good if you get an unexpected bonus. Just reward your self generously when  you accomplish a goal. You don’t believe but this rewarding behavior goes a long way. It will keep you motivated and expand your horizons with new goals and possibilities!

Meditate 10 Minutes a Day:

You can ask me “What is the relation ship between meditation and diabetes?”! But  you can answer this yourself! Let’s see how. OK. let’s say brain is a tool like a computer CPU. How you require tuning and removing unwanted programs and viruses on disk and clean up the programs that are loaded, you need to do similar things to brain. Which in turn unwinds all the stress that your body is undergone, or still undergoing!

What is a disease – it is “dis”ease – not an easy state for the body to function on it own at the peak level. So if you have a disease you will give a medicine to body but if  you don’t unwind your brain  is equal to keeping the memory of a CPU at 512 KB and loading a Windows 8 operating system (which requires minimum 4 GB – 4096KB) to function properly.

Meditation will help you clear the clutter of your brain and make you reach a state where you have more energy to direct the healing power to repair your body.  Just try one of these meditation courses listed below.

Why we need one? My simple answer is” The fact is, Unlike CPU,  neither we don’t have any user manual nor we can produce one for our brain.” So, we need to write our own as soon as possible.

The Depth Factor combines binaural beats and ancient meditation techniques to deliver the best meditation experience. The Depth Factor consists of 6 meditation tracks, The Zen Blueprint etc included. Listen to this 12 minutes audio below. It was instantly soothing and peaceful to me.

You can get rid of constant anxiety, unpredictable emotional turmoil  and situations life other people controlling your life and many more. Guided meditation offers one stop solution for any thing you want to achieve. This also improves your sleep by allowing you to sleep more deeply and help your body to repair and release the stress. You can check out the free information video and a special offer.

  • Muse:A Tool For Effective Meditation

How do you know whether you are doing any meditation correctly? The brain wave sensing band called Muse will track your brain waves and let you know a calmer sea waves or bird chirping based on how calm you are. I was fascinated by this. I went through lot of meditations and even spent up to 2000$ on TM (transcendental meditation)! But I am not sure I was doing the meditation correctly. One day i was able to sit there for 20 minutes and the other day it is just in every few minutes I will open my eyes. With Muse I know whether I am doing my meditation right or incorrectly. Based on the state of meditation, the brain produces alpha and beta waves at different levels. Muse translates that for you into music. I am publishing my review on Muse on my meditation website soon. You can sign up for the news letter at meditation.learn2winwin.com


If you have any other serious conditions including heart problems or blood pressure issues consult your physician before you start any exercise. Make sure you know what you are doing or consult a trainer before you do any crazy exercise.

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