Recently I received an email from my friend stating that his wife is diagnosed with diabetic and need to take insulin injection. Immediately I am thought about how I can help her with some of the things I know. Of course I sent a product that helped someone I know with the same issue. But I am not satisfied with my answer or sending a product link which cost’s money.
So I thought I would do some research and try to see how I can improve such conditions and over a period of time completely cure such a stressful disease.

My first focus is on foods. Because food we eat is converted to glucose, which is the source of energy for our cells. Excess glucose is stored as fat. Insulin is a hormone that is released in response to ingestion of glucose, and acts as a medium for glucose to get them to the cells. When we eat food, which is less in fiber and is rapidly converted to glucose, our bodies release more insulin. Over time, unregulated rapid releases of insulin increase the need of more insulin to carry the glucose into the cells. This is called insulin-resistance or pre-diabetes.

The type II Diabetes will typically start as insulin-resistance! According to several studies obesity is the #1 risk for diabetes. Here is what we can do something today to shed the extra pounds that you put on. If you are an IT professional like me, I see a lot of long hours of work and untimely eating habits with you!

Here are 5 areas you can start improving almost immediately.

  • Stop the white stuff. White or processed grains and sugars cause rapid increases in blood sugar and insulin, contributing to weight gain and insulin-resistance.
    Eliminate white bread, white pasta, white rice, white potatoes and white sugar. Eating whole, unprocessed grains in moderation is a better choice.
  • Avoid Hydrogenated stuff. Soda, bottled juice or tea, energy drinks and processed foods contain huge amounts of sugar, often in the form of high fructose corn syrup.
    • High fructose corn syrup is especially dangerous because it does not stimulate hormones that control appetite and the feeling of satiety.
    • Even if you are full, your brain does not get the signal to stop eating or drinking.
    • Replace all these drinks with “clear drink” – Water!
  • Do something – sitting on the couch is not allowed. Exercise improves insulin-resistance and helps to maintain proper weight.
    • The 2008 Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for exercise suggests that a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise weekly, in addition to two to three days of strength training.
    • Getting five hours of moderate intensity exercise weekly has additional cardiovascular benefits. Please consult your physician before starting an exercise program if you have been previously inactive.
    • The 6 best exercises for diabetes will provide you with the some tips of how to balance your workout routine.
  • Mineral deficiencies. Recently my fingers stated to crack and most of the doctors including the dermatologist suggest me to stop touching anything! Some of the doctors even asked me to take the blood work to check for diabetes. The actual problem I eventually figured out with much of trial and error is dehydration and calcium and magnesium deficiency.
    • Studies have shown that many Type II diabetics are deficient in minerals such as chromium and magnesium. Food sources of minerals include leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, chard, and greens. Other sources include whole grains, beans, peas, nuts and seeds.
  • Fiber intake. Foods high in fiber release glucose slowly from food. Choosing foods high in fiber, such as whole fruit, vegetables and beans slows down the release of glucose into the bloodstream. This way you can prevent wasting a lot of glucose and hence decreases the demand of it. Let me warn that fiber extra intake also causes some issue! So don’t go with supplements and stick to natural fiber products as much as you can.

To summarize, avoid processed and hydrogenated food, increase your exercise, check for mineral deficiencies and increasing fiber intake through natural foods such as fruits and whole grains will give you an opportunity to improve overall health including type II symptoms of diabetes.

Check the Resource to get some help with products and book that treated or at least helped several others managing diabetes.

If you like what you read or if you have any other suggestion and methods, please leave a comment to me below.

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